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Embrace the digital revolution to remain relevant in the future.

Improving Productivity with Digital Workforce

Development of Custom Softwares for Best Fit

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We are the combination of Sales Design and Development Team

Forming Agile teams for projects

Continuous and multiple quality assurance

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e Commerce & Retail

Digitize retail operations with powerful platform and solutions

Security Solutions

Cyber Security Solutions with Secure Coding

Financial Services

Accelerate digital transformation with our trusted software services.

Transport & Logistics

Empower the logistics industry with digital tools to modernize their complex systems


Digitise education operations with powerful platform and solutions

Reduce your busy time with

Our Products


Empowering Clients to Embrace The next Industrial Revolution in manufacturing.

Insurance & Survey

Customer-centric consulting and software solution like financial need analysis

Courier Management

Complete Courier managment system with tracking process

Logistics & Shipping

Digital transformation to achieve higher margins and increased profitability.

Accounting Solutions

Complete Accounting Solutions with inventory management and book keeping

eCommerce solution

High-performing fashion web portals, reflecting your brand image.


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Colombo, Sri Lanka

Informake IT (Private) Limited
Bank of Ceylon Mawatha, Colombo
+94 11 2236653


Informake LLC
Silicon Oasis, DDP, Building A2, Dubai
+971 52 606 0526

United Kingdom

Informake LLC
59 Masons Avenue, Harrow, United Kingdom
+44 7835 263042

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