Start Your Career at Hashnate

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our growing team


Create positive change at Hashnate

In our software development company, we prioritize a diverse, inclusive, and accountable environment. We empower each team member to be authentic, celebrate uniqueness, and thrive together. Our goal is not only excellence in software development but also making a positive impact in our professional and personal spheres.

Succeed together

Foster collective impact through generous sharing of time, care, and expertise. Seek collaborative opportunities, leveraging ideas and experiences from across the company to make informed decisions.

Find a better way

Assume there’s always a better way. Achieved in baby steps or giant leaps, the only path to success is via constant experimentation. Fix what’s broken and make what works even better.

Learn things, share them

Read, go to conferences and meetups, constantly pursue new understanding. And, when you have it, feed it back into the community — whether at Onfido or in a larger arena.

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